On Thursday, November 21st, the house I was renting (637 Anderson St, Oconomowoc, WI 53066) burned down.  My wife and I made it out ok, and she also managed to get our dog out, but we lost all our cats.  We also lost the majority of our things, of which nothing was insured.  

While we are ok with the lack of things, (and we will begin replacing what we need over time), I lost most of my computer equipment I use for classes.  I try to offer free education online, but I also teach classes, and provide laptops for students that don't have them available to use in class.  I had to put a pause on my current classes, because the machines have been damaged.

At present, I only have one student who was/is using a laptop of mine and I have already received one laptop from Ian Bestler (An old friend of mine who happened to be out in Wisconsin for the weekend, thank you Ian!) but I have new classes starting in February, and with it, more students.  It is hard for me to cover expenses of computers while we are taking care of everything else.  
If anyone has some equipment they could donate to me, to use for education, I would really appreciate it.  Here is a list of things I'm hoping to get replaced if possible:

  • Laptops, PC typically, though other OS's could work.  2G Ram+, 1.5 ghz+, 60G HDD+, Power Cord
  • Projector screen, I was using an 8x4' stand up screen.
  • WiFi Router, (I use this for networking the laptops in class)
  • Remote Keyboard and Mouse (to keep up mobility in class)
  • Bright Extention Coords, Good Power Strips
  • Printer/Scanner (used for printing materials)
  • LCD Monitor (I have one, but I'm used to two, and the power controller burned out on my second screen)
  • *Other - I did not originally have or use Android in the classroom, but thanks to Ian's contribution of a Nexus 7, I now have Unity 3D games running on it, and can use it in classes as a testing device for students.  If I receive a device I cannot use, I will try to make sure it goes to good use somewhere deserving.  
  • Projector, I have done everything I can to clean out the current one, which sort of works now, but it makes the whole room stink of burning plastics any time I turn it on.  It is a 1080p projector, but lower resolutions can work. --> I spent several more hours cleaning it, then let it run in the cold winter air.  Most of the smell is gone now.  :D  I should be able to start using it for classes again!

If you are sending me something, my friend David Bock, an experienced Aikido instructor with Abundant Joy Yoga Studio and also owning and operating Bock Accupuncture , is letting me use his mailing address until I have a more permanent address setup.  Please send anything to: Dan Sagmiller, Care of David Bock, Bock Accupuncture, 888 Thackery Trail #206, Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

Learn Build Play is *not* a non-profit business, but so far has made no profit.  I teach the classes because this is what I love doing.  If you are interested in helping out, but have no devices from the list, we can accept cash as well.  

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